You Can Now Buy the Mini Bike from 'Dumb & Dumber'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 28, 2016

Here at Exclaim!, we've always advocated for our readers try to be more like the great Harry and Lloyd of Dumb & Dumber (and the almost-okay Dumb & Dumber To). Now, you can be one step closer to live your best dumb life by purchasing the pair's iconic mini bike.

The comical and tiny bike has surfaced in an eBay listing from user rmer6914. According to the listing, it's one of two bikes used in the original Dumb & Dumber film from 1994.

While one of the film's bikes is at a Hard Rock Café, this one's been sitting in storage in Gold Beach, Oregon for over 20 years. Now it can be yours for a starting price of $7,500 USD. There are no bids yet, so get cracking!

Unfortunately, the bike doesn't ship to Canada. But if you're going to buy the thing, you're obviously going to use it for a lengthy road trip anyway. 

Check out some pics of the Dumb & Dumber mini bike below, and make sure you bid soon — the eBay auction expires on Sunday (May 1).

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