Werner Herzog Discusses 'Pokémon Go' in the Most Werner Herzog Way Possible

Werner Herzog Discusses 'Pokémon Go' in the Most Werner Herzog Way Possible
Werner Herzog is, without a doubt, one of the most quotable men on earth. One can't help but imagine the rhetorical gravitas he lays on when ordering his morning coffee. Have him talk about almost anything, and you'll be treated to some memorable lines.

Herzog's skepticism toward technology is well-documented by now, most recently with the internet documentary Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (the film's title is, in and of itself, a perfect Herzog quote). But now we finally get what we've all been waiting for — Herzog's opinion of Pokémon Go.

The Verge recently spoke to Herzog about a number of subjects before bringing up the augmented reality smartphone app that's turned half of the world into a brainwashed dystopia. 

After learning what the game was, Herzog went to a very Herzog place and asked the interviewer if Pokémon Go is leading its players to cannibalize others in the streets.

Read Herzog's Pokémon Go quotes below.

Do you know about Pokémon Go?
It's this...
I don't know what Pokémon Go is and what all these things are...
It's a...
You're talking to somebody who made his first phone call at age 17. You're talking to someone who doesn't have a cell phone, for example, for cultural reasons.
Tell me about Pokémon Go. What is happening on Pokémon Go?
It's basically the first mainstream augmented reality program. It's a game where the entire world is mapped and you walk around with the GPS on your phone. You walk around in the real world and can catch these little monsters and collect them. And everybody is playing it.
Does it tell you you're here at San Vicente, close to Sunset Boulevard?
Yeah, it's basically like a Google map.
But what does pokémon do at this corner here?
When two persons in search of a pokémon clash at the corner of Sunset and San Vicente is there violence? Is there murder?You might be able to catch some. It's all completely virtual. It's very simple, but it's also an overlay of physically based information that now exists on top of the real world.
They do fight, virtually.
Physically, do they fight?
Do they bite each other's hands? Do they punch each other?
The people or the...
Yes, there must be real people if it's a real encounter with someone else.