Toronto Is Getting a 'Friends'-Themed Cafe

Toronto Is Getting a 'Friends'-Themed Cafe
Say what you will about gentrification, but at least it brings over-the-top, TV-themed restaurants to town. One week after we learned about Toronto's upcoming Seinfeld hangout, the news has leaked that the city will soon get a replica of Friends' iconic cafe Central Perk.

As the CBC reports, Toronto's very own Central Perk will open its King Street West doors on June 24.

The spot was announced with a Facebook event, which promises a "meticulously detailed" hang out spot where you can "take selfies with the famous orange couch" or "order a coffee from our baristas all named Gunther.

The coffee shop will also have pastries named after Friends characters, a "Smelly Cat" singalong and a "How you doin?" contest, where a panel of female judges will vote on their favourite Joey impression.

Only one question remains — when will we start making spots themed after Canadian TV shows? We'd love to spend some time at The Dot from Degrassi or even fill up our cars at Corner Gas.