​Tommy Wiseau Unveils Totally Bonkers 'BIG SHARK' Trailer

​Tommy Wiseau Unveils Totally Bonkers 'BIG SHARK' Trailer
Tommy Wiseau, the visionary who gave us The Room, is back to gift us with another cinematic masterpiece. BIG SHARK is due out later this year, and the first trailer has just arrived.
It looks exactly as insane as a shark movie directed by Wiseau should, and naturally, it stars Wiseau alongside his best bud Greg Sestero.
The new trailer finds Wiseau and Sestero out at a New Orleans restaurant with fellow castmate Isaiah LaBorde. Out of nowhere, a young woman explodes at LaBorde, slapping him (followed by a solidarity slap from her best friend).
When Wiseau and co. wander into the street outside, a huge rush of water washes in ("Water! Look at that!") and a woman gets eaten by a massive shark in the background.
It looks like the kind of shit people will be watching in theatres every month for years to come.
Watch the trailer for BIG SHARK below.

While there's no firm premiere date yet, the film is set to arrive in September.