Steven Spielberg Is Giving Us a 'Tiny Toons' Reboot

'Tiny Toons Looniversity' is coming to HBO and Cartoon Network
Steven Spielberg Is Giving Us a 'Tiny Toons' Reboot
Since nothing ever really goes away, the upcoming Animaniacs reboot will be joined by another childhood favourite, as the Tiny Toons come back for more episodes. A new series called Tiny Toons Looniversity has just been picked up for two seasons by HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Executive producer Steven Spielberg will return for the show, which sees Babs, Buster and the rest of the gang headed for a post-secondary education at Acme Looniversity.

"Tiny Toons Looniversity will capture all the clever, subversive and smart humour that made Tiny Toon Adventures such a standout series," Warner Bros. executive Tom Ascheim said in a statement. "Fans old and new will love to laugh at and with these characters all over again."

Tiny Toons Looniversity does not have a premiere date just yet, but it's being produced by Amblin Television for the Cartoon Network and HBO Max.