This Dude from 'Don't F*** with Cats' Can't Pronounce Etobicoke No Matter How Many Times He Tries


BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 19, 2019

For a show about online sleuths, Netflix's Don't F*** with Cats seems to have missed an opportunity to do some real research.

In the new documentary series about internet vigilantes who helped track down Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta, one man named John Green talks about his search for a gas station in the town of Etobicoke, ON, in an effort to locate the killer.

This is all very exciting and cool research and may have ultimately had an impact on putting Magnotta behind bars in some small way — but absolutely no one can get over the fact that Green can't seem to pronounce the name of the town correctly.

Watch the clip featuring Green's hilarious mispronunciation below.

Some Twitter users are losing it over the fact that this show about online sleuths couldn't bother to look up the pronunciation of Etobicoke prior to filming. See those reactions below.

Don't F*** with Cats follows the amateur online sleuths that tracked down the identity of a mysterious figure who posted videos of himself torturing cats on the internet. He continued to post increasingly disturbing videos of animals, until eventually the victim was a human. He later mailed dismembered pieces of his victim to various Canadian government officials including then-prime minister Stephen Harper.

He was later revealed to be Magnotta and is currently imprisoned at Archambault Institution in Quebec.

Earlier this week, Twitter exploded in a flurry of mixed reactions about the documentary. See what people have to say about the Netflix series here

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