This Chen Kaige Movie Set is Becoming a Working Amusement Park

It comes complete with "lakes, rivers, palaces, caves" and more
This Chen Kaige Movie Set is Becoming a Working Amusement Park
It isn't unheard of for official amusement parks to be created following a film's success, but Chinese director Chen Kaige is bucking the trend with the set of his forthcoming Legend of the Demon Cat

As Moonstone Entertainment explains on their website, Kaige's city-sized set will becoming an amusement park after Legend of the Demon Cat finishes filming. The set reportedly took five years and over $200M USD to create, complete with "lakes, rivers, palaces, caves, glamourous buildings and parks." The set will also provide housing for residents following the film's completion.

Legend of the Demon Cat was shot over the course of 150 days in three separate seasons, using "thousands of extras, over 15,000 costumes and a crew of hundreds of professionals." The film is also said to boast over 1200 visual effects designed in Japan.

The period horror film follows a Chinese poet and a Japanese monk, who "join forces to investigate a demonic cat who has possessed a general's wife and wreaked havoc on the Imperial court. The investigation takes gruesome and unexpected twists, resulting in the monk and the poet unraveling the mystery behind the death decades earlier of legendary, beautiful concubine Yang Guifei."

Legend of the Demon Cat will see release this year on December 22 in China. Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the tip.

Find some views of the set in the trailer below.