The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Sell Legal Weed Online

The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Sell Legal Weed Online
If you've ever wanted to smoke some of Ricky's sweet leaf, you're in luck. After all, you'll soon be able to blaze up with some official Trailer Park Boys weed.

The TPB THC is being created in a partnership between the Boys' TPB Productions and the Moncton-based organic weed company OrganiGram.

While OrganiGram is currently focused on medical marijuana, they're getting ready for an influx of sales when weed is inevitably legalized. At that point, we can expect to see Ricky, Julian and Bubbles plastered on the packaging of their very own strain.

In a press release, Louis Thomas, president of Sonic Entertainment Group and representative for TPB, said, "We had been monitoring closely to best understand how we might be able to enter the cannabis space in Canada. After our initial meeting with the Maritime based executive team at OrganiGram, we all felt strongly that they were the perfect partner and the timing was right to move forward."

We'll let you know when the Trailer Park Boys weed becomes available.