'The Hilarious House of Frightenstein' Is Coming Back

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 31, 2018

Good news for fans of 1970s Canadian comedy —The Hilarious House of Frightenstein is being primed for a comeback.

According to Kidscreen, a newly formed production company called Headspinner has bought the rights to make new material based on characters from the cult classic show.

It has bought the rights to all 130 episodes of the show, as well licensing, merchandising and all other assets. The items were purchased from original producer Mitch Markowitz for an undisclosed amount.

Markowitz will also help out in some capacity with a new version of the show. Headspinner co-founders Michelle Melanson and Ken Cuperus will showrun the new series, which is being developed with Canadian actor Sandy Jobin-Bevans.

The plan is to create a bible, pilot script and short demo for a new, live-action Frightenstein series. They're also working on an animated series and a 50th anniversary special to air in 2021. 

"Securing the rights was not easy, because most of the people that were part of the property have since passed," Melanson said. "But once we got to know Mitch personally and launched Headspinner, we convinced him we were the right fit in terms of rebooting the franchise for a new generation. We all grew up with the show, especially if you were from the Toronto area. It was a staple in our home and for Ken, who grew up in Winnipeg, the series was a massive part of his childhood as well."

Revisit The Hilarious House of Frightenstein below.

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