Takeshi Kitano Sets Sights on What's Likely His Final Film 'Kubi'

The Japanese film hero is also getting his own Netflix biopic
Takeshi Kitano Sets Sights on What's Likely His Final Film 'Kubi'
Takeshi Kitano — the Japanese figure known both for his blood-soaked yakuza films and TV comedy — has announced his next film. The 74-year-old will direct a feature called Kubi (or "Neck" in English), and it may be his last.

The action film will be based on Kitano's 2019 novel of the same name, Variety reports. According to Japanese publication Josei Jishin — who first broke the news — the film will star Ken Watanabe and is set to start filming in May.

While details surrounding the project are very murky, reports are stating that this very likely will be Kitano's final film before his retirement.

Kubi will follow Kitano's last film, Outrage Coda, which arrived in 2017. And considering Kubi was inspired by 1954 Akira Kurosawa classic Seven Samurai, it should be safe to say there's be plenty of katanas — not to mention blood.

In addition to Kubi, Kitano is set to the subject of a new biopic being put together by Netflix. The biopic is called Asakusa Kid and based on Kitano's 2014 memoir. It's expected to arrive on Netflix this winter.