Six Times Spider-Man Went 'Far From Home'

Six Times Spider-Man Went 'Far From Home'
John Watts' Spider-Man: Far From Home is the third instalment in the Spider-Man series starring Tom Holland as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the events that transpire in Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker returns to New York to continue his studies in school. But first, he'll travel across the ocean with his friends (and his love interest MJ) for a European vacation that'll take him to London, Prague, Venice and more. But what waits for him across the pond is more trouble than he expects...

In celebration of Peter's latest trip across the globe, and the digital release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, we're recounting all the times Spidey ended up outside of New York – and you wouldn't believe how well-traveled he is! Here are six of Spider-Man's (sometimes otherworldly) destinations over the years:

1. Toronto

Did you know that Peter Parker once came all the way to Toronto to see the Blue Jays play at the SkyDome? Yes – the SkyDome! This was 1991 after all – the Rogers Centre didn't exist yet, and the SkyDome was the hottest ticket in town. Back then the Blue Jays' mascot went by the name of BJ Birdy, and the bird himself makes a prominent appearance in the comic, along with some other Toronto symbols – like the Toronto Sun, which ultimately gets used as a weapon against Spidey.

Thankfully for Peter, his boss sent him to get some photos of the Jays versus the New York Yankees, so he got to take in all the Toronto sights while he was there, including Sick Kids Hospital! That's where Spidey's story really kicks off, as he tries to solve a hit-and-run crime involving mysterious biker and a young kid.

2. Space… and the beach?

Speaking of "far from home," in The Galaxy's Greatest Super Hero: The Amazing Spider-Man issue #681, Spidey and the Human Torch find themselves all the way up in space (yes, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man knows no Earthly bounds)! Trapped by an army of Doctor Octopus's octobots 22,300 miles above the planet, the duo attempt to thwart Doc Oc by burning up all the oxygen in the space ship with Torch's flame. Oc catches on and sends the ship careening into Earth.

Thankfully for our heroes, they manage to stow away in a safe area – and the Human Torch begins steering the crashing ship toward water for a safe landing. He may have had ulterior motives though – the ship conveniently crashes just off the coast of Florida, a skip away from Daytona Beach's Spring Break festivities. Party on!

3. Kansas

At one point Peter decided to permanently move away from New York City. That's right, in issue #302 of The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter interviews for his dream job in Kansas. He was all set to move to the Sunflower State, but Mary Jane didn't share his enthusiasm. She didn't want to pick up her career to move just yet! After mulling it over, Peter realized he'd leave his two favourite people (MJ and Aunt May) behind if he moved out of state, so he declined the offer in issue #303 in order to keep his loved ones close.

4. California

Later, after Peter Parker's book of Spider-Man photography is selling in bookstores across the country, Peter travels to California to promote it. Hence The Amazing Spider-Man issue #305's title: California Schemin'. While he's there, he runs into a foe – the evil Black Fox – a gentleman thief from the Golden State. After he steals a valuable chalice, Prowler and Spidey team up to catch him.

5. Alternate universe

In The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows issue #19: Parker Summer Vacation, Mary Jane and Peter travel to an alternate universe to Earth-18119. In this reality, the couple are married and have a daughter named Annie. Instead of bothering to fight crime in issue #19, they take a well-deserved massive family vacation! Their trip leads them to Mexico, Paris, the Great Pyramids and more.

6. India

That wasn't the first time Spidey made it to the East. Back in 2004, Spidey even took up residence in India! Well, actually that was Pavitr Prabhakar, an Indian reimagining of Peter Parker in the limited comic series Spider-Man: India. But Pavitr did manage to stick around for four issues and even has an Indian Uncle Ben named Bhim. In the series third and fourth issue, Indian Spider-Man squares up against some familiar foes: Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin! Peter Parker may be a well-traveled dude, but all in all, he's too much of a New Yorker to ever leave for very long.

Celebrate Spider-Man's worldly ways with Sony now with the digital release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Head here for more details.