'Silicon Valley' Actor Thomas Middleditch Accused of Sexual Misconduct

'Silicon Valley' Actor Thomas Middleditch Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch has been hit with claims of sexual misconduct.

A newly published Los Angeles Times piece outlines various sexual misconduct allegations surrounding now-shuttered Hollywood goth club Cloak & Dagger, and among those are claims against the 39-year-old actor.

According to the report, Middleditch made "lewd sexual overtures" towards a woman named Hannah Harding and her girlfriend while on the dance floor at the club on October 22, 2019. After turning him down, Harding alleged the actor "kept pursuing her, groping her in front of her friends and several employees, including the club's operations manager, Kate Morgan."

The Times goes on to report that Harding requested Middleditch be banned from Cloak & Dagger, but management and Cloak & Dagger co-founders Adam Bravin and Michael Patterson ignored her pleas.

"I felt like they dismissed it," Harding said. "I told Adam that he needed to listen, that this was not OK."

Harding also shared direct messages from Middleditch where he was found writing, "Hannah I had no idea my actions were that weird for you… I know you probably want to just put me on blast as a monster… I don't expect you to want to be my friend or anything… I am so ashamed I made you uncomfortable."

Harding went on to claim she also saw the actor grope another woman at the club following her complaints to management.

As of press time, Middleditch has not publicly responded to the claims.

The L.A. Times feature details allegations from 10 women — four of whom were former employees — against Cloak & Dagger co-owners Bravin and Patterson, who are accused of turning a blind eye to sexual misconduct at the nightclub and its connected music festivals.

In a written statement, Patterson said, "As far as I am aware, they reported every incident to us, and to my knowledge, we dealt with every single issue brought to our attention.

Added Bravin: "Our goal from day one was to create the safest space possible."

You can read the entire report from the L.A. Times over here.