'Shrek 5' Is Coming in 2019

'Shrek 5' Is Coming in 2019
Good news for Smash Mouth's royalties accountant — DreamWorks Animation is making another Shrek movie.

The news was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, who explain that the plan is part of NBCUniversal's recent $3.8 billion USD acquisition of DreamWorks Animation.

The plan is to release two DreamWorks animated movies a year, and it'll be kicked off in 2019 with Shrek 5.

If you're not a fan of a wisecracking ogre and his annoying donkey friend, you might be into their other planned animation. The studio is also working on a movie called Shadows from David Walliams and Edgar Wright.

Stay tuned for more information on Shrek's triumphant return as it becomes available.