​'Queer Eye' Couple Tom and Abby Are Married Again

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​'Queer Eye' Couple Tom and Abby Are Married Again
Netflix's Queer Eye reboot had fans feeling all sorts of emotional when it premiered earlier this year, but no story gripped audiences more than that of makeover candidate Tom and his ex-wife Abby. They took us on an emotional rollercoaster ride of their own over the last few months, but thankfully, they just got remarried and are hoping for a happily ever after.
The pair were initially seen in the season premiere of Queer Eye, with Tom "you can't fix ugly" Jackson cleaning up his life (emotionally, sartorially and culinarily) and trying to win Abby back. He did just that by the end of the episode's edit — then lost her, then reunited with her again.
Finally the pair tied the knot once again earlier this week. Jackson has since shared some photos from the special day on Twitter.
Fans who have been rooting for the couple took to Twitter to share their reaction to the happy news — as did some of the Queer Eye stars. See some of the reaction to Tom and Abby's nuptials below.
In other happy Queer Eye news, Fab Five member Karamo Brown just announced that he got engaged to his own Abby, Ian Jordan, on May 9.