Pauly Shore Is Urging Disney+ to Make an 'Encino Man' Sequel

Pauly Shore Is Urging Disney+ to Make an 'Encino Man' Sequel
For the last 25 years or so, much of Pauly Shore's life and work has been spent looking back on the golden years, when all he had to do was say the word "weasel" and audiences would cheer with glee. Perhaps all of that wistfulness might pay off, however, as the California comedy bro is trying to get the buddies back together for an Encino Man sequel.

On his Instagram, Shore tried to raise some hype for a possible Encino Man 2, urging his fans to ask Disney+ to foot the bill. Pauly Shore movies are not, exactly, the hottest commodities right now (did anyone other than me watch his 2020 movie Guest House?) but the streamer did greenlight a Home Alone sequel, so anything is possible.

"Hit up Disney+ on social media and let them know Brendan, Sean, and myself are ready to go!" Shore said. "Let's do this 2021."

Presumably this means that he thinks Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser are also on board for the theoretical new flick.

Then, perhaps in a nod to his own mortality, he signed off with, "Let's Wiez the prune juice dooooooooodz."

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