Kim Cattrall to Cameo as Samantha Jones in 'And Just Like That...' Season 2

'Sex and the City' fans rejoice

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished Jun 1, 2023

Hold onto your cosmos Sex and the City fans, because Samantha Jones is back! Kim Cattrall will reprise her iconic role in the Season 2 finale of And Just Like That..., Max's revival of HBO's Sex and the City.

However, it's important to note her appearance as Samantha isn't a continuation of the character at this time. She will only be returning for one scene, in which she's having a phone conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw. According to sources [via Variety], Cattrall shot her dialogue separately from the rest of the cast and without interacting with them or the showrunner.

In 2016, Cattrall publicly announced that she was done playing Samantha, leading to a fallout with Parker. Cattrall wasn't originally approached to play Samantha in And Just Like That... Cattrall only agreed to reprise the role after being approached by HBO's chairman and CEO when production on the second season was underway. Her scene as Samantha will air in August after the second season of And Just Like That... premieres on June 22.

Cattrall is currently starring in About My Father with Robert De Niro, and will also be appearing in the Netflix drama Glamorous, premiering June 22.

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