​Joe Biden to Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "We Veeps Stick Together"

Following the 'Veep' star's breast cancer diagnoses, Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham and Christina Applegate have also reached out with support
​Joe Biden to Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 'We Veeps Stick Together'
Yesterday (September 28), Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer and was met with messages of support from people in very high Hollywood places. Now, a particularly impressive friend and fan has lent his love to the Veep actress — Joe Biden.
The former U.S. vice-president (and other half of a meme-worthy bromance with Barack Obama) sent his regards Louis-Dreyfus via Twitter, saying, "We Veeps stick together."
Of course, as the show's title implies, the actress portrays fictional VP Selina Meyer on Veep.
Biden went on to share the support of his entire family with Louis-Dreyfus. He also shared a winning photograph of himself and the Veep star from a 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner video clip.
Read Biden's full message below.
Louis-Dreyfus, meanwhile, returned the mutual Twitter love almost immediately.
Revisit their 2014 video team-up below.

Biden's message followed support from another high-profile Democrat, Hillary Clinton. The former presidential candidate shared her well wishes, and praised Louis-Dreyfus for using her platform to fight for health care reform.
Other celebrities have also reached out to the actress with messages of support. Read some of those below.