​Harrison Ford Totally Thinks Ryan Gosling's Name Is Bryan

​Harrison Ford Totally Thinks Ryan Gosling's Name Is Bryan
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling have been delighting TV audiences with their joint press appearances for Blade Runner 2049, but despite getting along like jolly old pals, it's starting to seem like Ford definitely doesn't know Gosling's name.
In a solo interview on Ellen this morning, Gosling played a round of personal question trivia with host Ellen DeGeneres, and gave a rather hilarious answer when asked if he'd ever had any nicknames.
"Harrison Ford called me Bryan," he said. "I hope that's a nickname."
DeGeneres laughed and told the actor what we were all thinking: "I don't think it is. I think he thinks your name is Bryan."
The revelation follows an interview on The Graham Norton Show last week, during which Ford could not get Gosling's name right. He checked in with his onscreen partner a couple times to make sure he was getting it correct, then ended up calling him "Bryan" anyway.
Watch both talk show clips down below.
Ford and Gosling — that's Ryan, not Bryan — hit theatres in the Denis Villeneuve-directed Blade Runner 2049 today (October 6).