'Ginger Snaps' Is Becoming a TV Series

It's being produced by the same company that made 'Killing Eve'
'Ginger Snaps' Is Becoming a TV Series
John Fawcett's cult classic Ginger Snaps is a go-to CanCon treat around this time of year, and now the werewolf-themed youth horror flick is being turned into a new television series.

Fawcett is on board as an executive producer for the new series, and will likely bring the same energy he brought to Orphan Black. The show will be written by Anna Ssemuyaba (Guerilla) and produced by Sid Gentle, the company that previously brought us Killing Eve.
"I have long been a fan of the brilliant original. It's just the kind of twisted, provocative and wildly entertaining story that we love at Sid Gentle," Woodward Gentle said in a statement [via Deadline]. "It's been 20 years since the world was introduced to the iconic teen girl werewolf and we can't wait to re-introduce her to already devoted and eager new horror fans alike."  

Fawcett added: "Could it be more socially relevant in this day and age to launch the television series, Ginger Snaps? For me, this is the ultimate follow-up to Orphan Black and I know those fans will find new love with the iconic Ginger and Brigette Fitzgerald. Anna Ssemuyaba is the perfect writer to help us bring our edgy, girl-power horror story to the small screen. I can't wait for a big bite of this!"  

Ssemuyaba stated: "I have long loved Ginger Snaps and its incisive portrayal of the agony, ecstasy, and unbridled rage that comes with being a teenage girl. I'm honoured to be reimagining it for a new audience."

If only they could get this show ready this week so we have more Ginger Snaps to watch for Halloween.