Forever 'Jackass': Our Favourite Wild, Painful and Gross Stunts

In honour of 'Jackass Forever' arriving in theatres, Exclaim! breaks down our favourite stunts from the big-hearted, tough-stomached series. NSFL (Not Safe for Lunch) content ahead!

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Feb 4, 2022

In October of 2010, a Jackass film was shown at New York's Museum of Modern Art. That sounds weird enough, but the chef's kiss was that it was Jackass 3D. Ah, 2010. We hardly knew ya. This was not a heralded screening, perhaps so's not to scare away the film's core audience, but it hit the MoMA mark. Because Jackass is a modernized commedia dell'arte, leaning more on groin pulls and gross-outs, less on masks and puppets. Or maybe, humans are just sickos and we'll laugh at that shit.

Now if you were to ask me if we'd see a Jackass movie in 2022, I'd say no way. These guys are like 50. Johnny Knoxville has put his body through hell, and is completely uninsurable. Sure, Jackass Forever has some new (younger) additions, but for the most part, they've gotten the band back together. When we get older, sentimentality grows, and we just want to spend the rest of our lives with our best friends. Jackass Forever brings us to that place, amidst more absurdity and wild danger. We can all use some of that, best enjoyed on the big screen starting February 4. Check your local listings!

But, whatever you think of Jackass, somewhere, within their limitless vault, there is something you can't not laugh at. Watch Duck Hunting from Jackass 3D, and try not to chuckle. What a segue — how better to launch into Exclaim!'s favourite Jackass moments?

Duck Hunting — Jackass 3D

Some of the best Jackass moments are just like, "Why?" It's hard to describe, but dress a few guys up in what resembles a duck costume, launch them from a huge inflatable, and then, while they're ragdolling through the air into a tiny lake, their buddies fire paintballs at them from a canoe. That's Duck Hunting. Come for the dual-jump that almost ends badly, stay for Ryan Dunn's incredible finale…

Golf Cart Antics — Jackass: The Movie

This is basically a smash-up derby with golf carts, to the Rezillos' "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight." With "Gnar Kill" and "Doober" spray-painted on the carts, they terrorize a mini-put course and each other, and you're left wondering if golf carts are actually that fast (they might've been juiced). Either way, they're catching serious air, and the cart-crunching end is harrowing.

Toro Totter — Jackass Number Two

Again — "Why?" The "Toro Totter" is a four-pronged teeter-totter in the middle of a wild bull arena. Jump to drop your opposing partner in front of a rampaging bull, and guess what happens next? BAD. SHIT.

Poo Cocktail Supreme — Jackass 3D

My personal favourite Jackass poo bit is Poo Diaper, but that's a hard clip to find. A very close second is Poo Cocktail Supreme, and you might retch after watching it. NSFL (Not Safe for Lunch).

Roller Disco Truck — Jackass: The Movie

This bit's fun, not just because it's stupid (they're all stupid), but because one member has an absolute blast. They do up a box truck with disco sparklies, and everyone piles into it wearing roller skates. Preston Lacy drives perilously around a parking lot, and everyone in the back gets slapped around. And he laughs and laughs...

Firehose Rodeo — Jackass Number Two

At a glance, this looks like it could be a good time, but by the end we see it clearly isn't. Dave England clings to a dangling hyper-powered firehose, and gets whipped around like a dealership tube man. 

Rocket Skates — Jackass: The Movie

A classic. No doubt inspired by the great Wile E. Coyote, this piece addresses the question: "What if we put fireworks on roller skates?" What begins with childhood curiosity ends with explosions.

Tidal Wave — Jackass: The Movie

This one's beautiful in its simplicity. It's something Buster Keaton would approve of, tapping into the fundamentals of slapstick. Somehow they create a towering tidal wave device, and from the profile, when Knoxville is hit with it, he just disappears.


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