Disney Is Pulling That Long, Awful 'Frozen' Short from 'Coco' Screenings

Disney Is Pulling That Long, Awful 'Frozen' Short from 'Coco' Screenings
Pixar's Coco is a return to form for the studio, pairing a family-friendly storyline with subtle, emotionally complex nuances. But to get to the movie, audiences have had to sit through a dreadful Frozen short.

The term "short" is really being stretched here, too, as the Frozen flick dubbed Olaf's Frozen Adventure runs 20 minutes in length.

Audiences have been pissed about the flick, with many working hard to ensure they miss it entirely and arrive just in time for Coco. Fortunately, Disney is finally pulling the short this week.

Starting on December 8, all screenings of Coco will no longer have the 20-minute preamble. While many believe Disney is pulling the piece because of its overwhelmingly negative reception, Entertainment Weekly reports that they had always planned to remove it after a "limited run."

Whatever the case may be, just know that Coco will be safe to enjoy without some cross-promotional Disney branding later this week.