Deadpool's Five Favourite Places in New York

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Apr 27, 2018

Wade Wilson is a dishonourably discharged Special Forces operative-turned- fastest talking mercenary this side of… well… anyone. He doesn't have an album coming out any time soon, but if he did, it would probably have a killer sax solo. Here are his favourite NYC hotspots.

Deadpool and Vanessa's Apartment (Chinatown, NY)

This well-decorated apartment is equipped with plenty of amenities: a fully stocked fridge, comfy furniture and an impeccably curated collection of soft rock LPs. Plus, it's a stone's throw from the best dim sum in the borough!

Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls (Dirty Back Alley, NY)

At any point in the day, Sister Margaret's is the perfect place to unwind, grab a beer and fuck with some mercenaries. The bartender, Weasel, is always there to lend an ear and offer a witty retort. Just make sure the odds don't get stacked against you.

Dopinder's Cab (Anywhere in Manhattan, New York, NY)

When you're running wild in the Big Apple, you need dependable transport — and we're not talking about that bullshit MTA. Find yourself a cabbie who will be there for you — someone willing to bend the rules a little to get you there. Pack light, though — the trunk is out of order. And don't mind the smell.

Blind Al's Place (Corner of Shithole and Condemned, New York, NY)

They say home is where the heart is, but when you're a heartless bastard, why not have two? Blind Al's is a modest shithole with all the comforts: leaky faucets, an endless supply of guns and ammo and, of course, a blind, shit-talking roommate. What more could you expect in the Big Apple?

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (1407 Graymalkin Lane, North Salem, NY)

Located an hour away from downtown NYC (45 minutes if you're gunnin' it down the 684), this dilapidated ol' jaunt is home to stuffy do-gooders who want to use their powers for good. Bo-ring! Got a cool chair, though.

Deadpool 2 arrives in theatres on May 18.

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