Chris Kattan Removed from Flight for Refusing to Wear a Mask

The 'SNL' alum was seen stumbling and sickly on a plane to LAX
Chris Kattan Removed from Flight for Refusing to Wear a Mask
Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan was denied passage on a flight to LAX from Dallas/Fort Worth this week for refusing to wear a face mask properly onboard.

Kattan was reportedly spotted stumbling and looking sick in the first-class section of an American Airlines trip on Monday (June 28). On seeing his condition, flight staff handed Kattan a tissue to blow his nose, which was apparently dripping with mucus. They then asked him to wear a mask, but the actor refused to wear it over his nose.

According to TMZ, the comedian "begged" flight staff to let him stay on the plane, and even asked if they knew him from SNL.

Kattan was warned that he must wear his mask properly or face police intervention. Sometime afterwards, he left the flight on his own.

Kattan has not spoken about the matter publicly yet, though a scan of his social media accounts shows the actor has not expressed any overt anti-mask messaging throughout the pandemic, and he is even pictured wearing a mask the proper way in some of his selfies.

It's unclear why Kattan was so adamant against complying with COVID safety regulations in this instance.