​'Arthur' Season 22 Premiere Celebrates Mr. Ratburn's Same-Sex Marriage

​'Arthur' Season 22 Premiere Celebrates Mr. Ratburn's Same-Sex Marriage
Long-running kids' show Arthur kicked off its 22nd season yesterday (May 13), and the episode featured an unexpected wedding between Mr. Ratburn and another male character.
The show had previously made no mention of Ratburn's sexuality, but it did thoroughly document the teacher's love of cake, so it only makes sense that he married Elwood City's local chocolatier.
The season premiere, an episode titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone / The Feud," sees Arthur and his school pals trying to break up their teacher and a pushy woman they assume to be his fiancé. As it turns out, that woman is his sister, and the infamously strict teacher is actually marrying the guy from the chocolate shop — which gets instant approval from Arthur and his classmates.
It's a progressive move from the PBS-aired show, and Twitter has been applauding the normalization of gay marriage on kids' TV.
See some of the positive responses (and congratulatory messages for Mr. Ratburn) below.
There's still no word on why Arthur and his friends haven't graduated the third grade after 22 years.