Andy Serkis Plays a Talking Asshole in Disgusting New Ad

The British PSAs are intended to prevent "fatbergs," which are just as disgusting as they sound
Andy Serkis Plays a Talking Asshole in Disgusting New Ad
Andy Serkis photo by Gage Skidmore
Veteran actor Andy Serkis has played a variety of memorable characters over the years, including everyone from The Lord of the Rings' Gollum to the Planet of the Apes' Caesar. Still, his latest outing might be his most iconic yet, as he has taken on the form of a human sphincter. 

Yes, Serkis is voicing a cartoon asshole for a new British ad campaign, and its subject matter is even more disgusting than the puckered anus he personifies.

As the Guardian reports, Serkis voiced a chatty rectum for an ad campaign geared at preventing "fatbergs." For the uninitiated, fatbergs are enormous globs of fat and wet wipes that compact beneath city's sewers. Earlier this year, a fatberg the size of a jumbo jet was discovered beneath Liverpool. In 2017, a 130-tonne fatberg was found in the sewer beneath Whitechapel. Google Image Search the word if you want to feel your stomach churn. 

The problem is that the British public has been led to believe that wet wipes are flushable, and while they technically can be flushed, they don't disintegrate. Thus, the roving globs of fat and soiled rags are roaming beneath British cities.

That's where Andy Serkis's talking asshole comes in. 

"All across the news we are seeing people take a stand to look after our planet," he said in a statement. "It's only one tiny change we can all make which goes a long way in protecting our oceans. I didn't think I'd ever feel so passionate to take on the role of a talking asshole."

Get educated by Serkis's talking rectum below.