'Akira' Soundtrack Treated to First Official Vinyl Release in Nearly 30 Years

'Akira' Soundtrack Treated to First Official Vinyl Release in Nearly 30 Years
Once again, the famed Akira soundtrack is coming back to wax, marking the first official vinyl release since originally coming out in 1988.

While the Akira Symphonic Suite has been treated to various vinyl bootlegs over the years — the most recent of which arrived in 2014 — Milan Records will give the score an official vinyl pressing on September 15. Better yet, it's now arriving as a lavish 180-gram 2-LP set, complete with expanded artwork.

Akira was crafted by Japanese vocal collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi and led by composer Shoji Yamashiro (a.k.a. Tsutomu Ōhashi), combining a fascinating blend of ethereal choral work, sci-fi-laced synthscapes and modern classical.

According to a press release, here's what we can expect from the vinyl reissue:

The discs are housed in a pair of high quality eurosleeves displaying artwork from the film which are in turn packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the beautiful skyline of Neo-Tokyo. A download card including a lengthy commentary by Dr. Yamashiro on topics ranging from AKIRA to Geinoh Yamashirogumi to his work in advanced brain studies is also included.

You can order the release on black vinyl here and on splattered vinyl here, though that latter variant is already sold-out at many online retailers.

Akira Symphonic Suite;

Side A:

A1. Kaneda
A2. Battle Against Clown
A3. Tetsuo

Side B:

B1. Shohmyoh
B2. Dolls' Polyphony
B3. Exodus From the Underground Fortress

Side C:

C1. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
C2. Illusion

Side D:

D1. Mutation
D2. Requiem