Aaron Sorkin Is in Talks to Bring Back 'The Newsroom'

More smug, self-righteous monologuing is just what we need right now
Aaron Sorkin Is in Talks to Bring Back 'The Newsroom'
Once-beloved Gen X writer Aaron Sorkin has had a dodgy track record in the last decade or so, and that's in no small part thanks to The Newsroom. The cloying, self-righteous HBO show about an evening news broadcast was almost universally hated, and now some people are apparently trying to bring it back.

Olivia Munn, who starred as Sloan Sabbith in the show, revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she's been talking to her co-star Tom Sadoski and Sorkin himself about possibly resurrecting the show.

"Tom Sadoski and myself, we've actually been having conversations with Sorkin about that," she said. "He's very busy, but we have very high hopes that it would be able to come together, hopefully."

For the uninitiated, The Newsroom centered on Will McAvoy, a cartoonishly smug newsman played by Jeff Daniels. Though the higher-ups at the fictional ACN network tried to stop him, he existed simply to tell the truth — and to deliver long, self-righteous monologues about how important the news is.

The Newsroom was a bad show, but it was also strangely watchable as its characters fumbled their way through real-life disasters with smug, self-satisfied dialogue. As such, we can only imagine the hot mess a new season of The Newsroom would be in today's climate.

Read some tweets about the potential Newsroom revival below.