"Shoes" Singer Kelly Updates Viral Hit for COVID-19 Era

Watch comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan's new video for "Masks"
'Shoes' Singer Kelly Updates Viral Hit for COVID-19 Era
Back in the early days of viral YouTube videos, there was a shoe-obsessed, overgrown teenage girl named Kelly who just wanted to shop. Fourteen years since the release of her hit song "Shoes," Kelly — played by comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan — has returned with an updated version of the track.

Sullivan has rehashed his '00s meme for the coronavirus era, remixing "Shoes" to encourage people to wear their "Masks." He ushered in the return of Kelly with the following message:

THESE MASKS RULE! Listen, betches, research shows that masks can block the majority of particles that could contain SARS-CoV-2, so… let's wear a mask! And be sure to wash your cloth mask after each use if possible. The CDC says so, DECK!

"Let's wear a mask," Kelly sings atop the deep-fried 2006 beat. Sullivan recreates the original "Shoes" video to the best of his ability here, even including a virtual rendition of the "party."

Watch Kelly's new "Masks" video and the time-honoured original below.