Sarah Cracknell


BY Christopher WatersPublished Mar 1, 2000

Stepping out from her day job, Sarah Cracknell doesn't stray far from the '60s pop perfection crossed with hypnotic dance beats formula that makes Saint Etienne records such a thrill. Her infatuation with serendipitous pop sounds continues abated in this collection of glossy romantic ballads. Songs like "Ready or Not" and "Goldie" travel the fine line between schmaltz and playfulness, while "Desert Baby" and "Coastal Town" are pumped up club cuts that are at once impossibly slick and effortlessly melodic. Like Saint Etienne's latest album, Good Humor, the synth-driven tracks are bittersweet confections of cheery pop tunes and doleful lyrics. Produced by Stephen Hague (Pet Shop Boys, New Order) the unapologetically passionate Lipslide has Cracknell wearing her heart on her sleeve. The result is a warm and golden record that rides the emotional valleys and peaks of Cracknell's lyrics for great effect.

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