Ryan Adams Treats 'Heartbreaker' to Reissue

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 23, 2015

For Record Store Day, Ryan Adams released a 7-inch with a couple of outtakes from his classic 2000 solo debut Heartbreaker. As we now know, though, this is hardly the only revisit he'll be making to the beloved alt-country album, as it's set to be reissued on both CD and vinyl this year.

As a press release confirms, a standard reissue will arrive on May 26 through Pax-Am (in conjunction with Caroline and Universal), with a deluxe version to follow later this year.

This isn't the first time that Heartbreaker has come to vinyl, since there was original run on wax, plus a double-LP 2008 reissue. These aren't easy to come by, however, and the latter regularly reaches triple figures on Discogs.

The announcement reconfirms that Heartbreaker "will be getting a very special deluxe treatment" later in 2015. In other words, if you want the fancy version with bonus material, you might want to hold off this initial reissue and wait for the subsequent version.

Meanwhile, Adams just released his Live at Carnegie Hall box set.

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