Lord Mantis Rope In Former Indian Members in Major Lineup Change

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 10, 2015

There's been a whole lot of restructuring going on in the Chicago metal scene of late, with Lord Mantis having revealed they've undergone a massive lineup change that brings in former members of recently retired gloom crew Indian.

Backing up a bit, Indian announced their breakup earlier in the month, having revealed over Facebook that after spending more than a decade together, they had "come to the point where we can no longer be a band." Their last LP was 2014's From All Purity.

Now, though, Lord Mantis drummer Bill Bumbardner and lead guitarist Andrew Markuszewski will be joined by Indian vocalist/guitarist Dylan O'Toole and bassist Will Lindsay, as well as American Heritage six-stringer Scott Shellhamer. Ex-Lord Mantis member Greg Gomer will also be collaborating with the act for a forthcoming recording project.

Markuszewski reports that this is a "beast of a lineup," further noting that the roster change is a natural step, considering the crossover between the bands in the past. Bumbardner, for instance, was the original drummer of Indian, while O'Toole has contributed to Lord Mantis releases in the past.

"Anyone familiar with our albums will know there has been bleed from members of Indian into our records and themes," Markuszewski said in a statement, adding of the band's new resident vocalist, "Dylan O'Toole has been a frequent contributor lyrically and in performance on Lord Mantis records. He has always expressed to me his desires for fronting a band on stage unhindered by instruments of any sort."

In related news, now ex-Lord Mantis members Charlie Fell and Ken Sorceron have hooked up with another group of Windy City musicians as Missing. The sextet also features Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Nachtmystium), Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Twilight), Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Twilight, Nachtmystium) and Fade Kainer (Theologian). A press release explains that the act are already scheduling recording time and plan to go on tour this summer, though details remain TBA.

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