Library Voices Unveil 'Lovish' LP, Share New Single

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Aug 25, 2015

Regina indie rock unit Library Voices dropped their seven-song EP For John last year, and now they're ready to follow it up with a brand new full-length. Titled Lovish, the new long-player is due out on November 6 via Nevado Music.
The aforementioned EP marked a departure from the band's peppy, polished Summer of Lust, and on the forthcoming album, the band continue to blend lo-fi rock'n'roll with solid pop hooks.
The two-year process behind Lovish was a dark one, with frontman Carl Johnson spending some of it recovering from a street attack that left him concussed and with a damaged sense of smell. Nevertheless, he penned seven of the new tracks, with guitarist Brennan Ross contributing another four.
Lead single "Oh Donna" serves as an introduction to the group's evolving sound, playing with the constructs of old-fashioned rock'n'roll and declaring in the opening line: "All your heroes, they're all assholes." Speaking to Consequence of Sound, where the track premiered, the band described the song as "our stab at bastardizing classic rock."
Give "Oh Donna" a spin in the player below.


1. Oh Donna
2. Sunburnt In LA
3. Slacker
4. Zzyzx
5. Hey! Adrienne
6. The Wild Roar Of Love
7. Escape Artist
8. Fangs of Love
9. Death By Small Talk
10. Bored In Berlin
11. Every Night

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