DJ Rashad Remembered with New Posthumous Release

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 27, 2015

DJ Rashad sadly died last year at the age of 34 last year, but we haven't heard the last of the influential footwork producer. Hyperdub has now unearthed some material from the beatmaker's vaults for a new EP.

The short collection is called 6613, and it will be out on June 29. That's the artwork above and the tracklist below. Each of the four tracks features at least one special guest; DJ Spinn and Taso appear or two tracks apiece, while Gant-Man and DJ Manny each appear on one cut each. All of these folks are associated with Rashad's Teklife crew.

According to a product description, the two cuts on the A-side are "upbeat, rolling juke tracks." As for the B-side, "Ya Hot" is said to be "half speed trap" while "Do Not Fuck" is a "paranoid 'footwork as a virtual panic attack' track."

All proceeds from 6613 will go to Rashad's family.


A1. CCP2 (ft. DJ Spinn)
A2. Cause I Know u Feel (ft. Gant-Man)
B1. Ya Hot (ft. Taso)
B2. Do Not Fuck (ft. DJ Manny, DJ Spinn and Taso)

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