Andy Kim & Kevin Drew

TD Fort York Stage, Toronto ON, June 7

Photo: Shane Parent

BY Matt BobkinPublished Jun 8, 2015

Though few knew it at the time, Andy Kim first topped the charts in 1969 with "Sugar Sugar" as fictional band the Archies (yes, as in the redheaded comic book character and his friends from Riverside), and spent the next four decades in varying aspects of the music industry before meeting up with Kevin Drew, who joined him onstage for a collaborative performance. Drew, best known as the manic de-facto frontman of Broken Social Scene, was a vibrant contrast to the more muted Kim, but Kim's voice proved that he's still got the chops that launched him to the top over 45 years ago. Tunes "Sail On" and "Longest Time" from his latest album, It's Decided, captivated thanks to his strong set of pipes and an engaging arrangement from the quintet of backing musicians, anchored by Morgan Doctor's excellent drumming; the seven-part harmonies were a great touch too, as was David French's baritone sax.
Whenever Drew would take the lead, Kim would awkwardly slink to the back of the stage and just stand there as he performed some of his solo cuts. Though Feist wasn't present for their duet "You In Your Were," from last year's Darlings, he held his own for the synthy, smoky tune.  The way Drew helped Kim out on the latter's tracks was fun to watch as they evoked the spirit of collaboration. It was a treat to see the seven musicians playing, smiling, and jamming together, for a feel-good set that complemented the sunny weather.


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