Pyramid Cabaret

176 Fort St, Winnipeg MB

Previously a haunt for renowned Winnipeg acts like the Watchmen, the beloved Spectrum Cabaret—founded in 1987—officially became known as the Pyramid Cabaret in 1995. Regardless of names, this establishment has consistently brought some of the best musical acts to Winnipeg across all genres.
Among many others, Pyramid Cabaret has seen performances from acts like Teenage Head, the Goo Goo Dolls and Steven Page. They also host Sunday open jam nights known as the Sunday Church for Bad Guys, which are hosted by various artists and bands.

Aside from the general admission floor, which can hold 400 attendees, Pyramid Cabaret also offers a VIP option for a more exclusive experience. On top of the cover charge to get into a concert, guests can rent a booth for an additional charge.