Ironwood Stage & Grill

1229 9 Ave SE, Calgary AB

Rooted in the Inglewood district of Calgary, the Ironwood Stage and Grill brings live music to its 160-seat room every night of the week. The venue is active in the city’s bustling music scene, working with a range of local acts and organizations.

The Ironwood often provides Calgary festivals with a place for acts to perform. It has held the folk portion of the SoundOff Festival, an event designed to introduce industry professionals to Calgary’s music scene. Musicians such as Mariel Buckley, Sykamore, Northern Beauties and Scott MacKay have brought folk, country and roots stylings to the grill’s stage. Shortly before the Junos came to Calgary in 2016, the Ironwood made up an essential part of the city’s Music Mile Society, which organized performance spaces and businesses to promote Calgary’s musical offerings. It has also hosted events such as the Block Heater Festival, which has ties to the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

The venue’s bookings tend to favour traditional genres. Jazz performances happen regularly, as does a monthly bluegrass session. Big band music is especially popular, with a weekly brunch event that allows audiences to enjoy the genre throughout the fall, spring, and winter. Folk and blues shows are common, while the odd event like a tribute to punk act Teenage Head occasionally pops up.