Doors: Taco Joint & Metal Bar

56 Hess St S, Hamilton ON

Jammed in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Doors: Taco Joint & Metal Bar pairs up extreme music with amazing food. Generally referred to as Doors Pub, the venue is a hotspot in Hamilton for new and underground heavy metal bands to perform and enjoy some delicious Mexican food afterwards.
Doors Pub has loads of food and drink options at reasonable prices that continue to bring people back even if they aren’t specifically there for the music. Their menu boasts tons of vegan and vegetarian options, a wide variety of meat choices and reasonably priced drinks to boot. They offer drink specials every day of the week catering to the craft beer enthusiasts who make their way through the door.
While plenty of people end up at Doors for their amazing food and drinks, their tendency to book metal and hardcore bands early in their careers is what really draws people in; some recent emerging acts have included Wine Lips, Rival Town, and The Faps. The venue offers cheap shows most days of the week and creates a space where bands can sharpen their skills live. Although they are known for putting on metal and hardcore shows, the venue isn’t exclusive to these genres and has invited artists who perform indie rock, hip hop, electronic, folk and more in the past.
On top of working hard to deliver top-notch concerts and food to Hamiltonians, owner Tyler Berglund also gives back to the international community. Berglund and his family have sponsored multiple Syrian refugee families settling in Hamilton. In an interview with CBC, Berglund called this decision “the most metal thing I’ve ever done.”