Alix Goolden Performance Hall

907 Pandora Ave, Victoria BC

The Alix Goolden Performance Hall inhabits what was once a United church, and the majestic stone structure built in 1890—called “a jewel-box of a building” by Emmylou Harris in 2013—is a major arts venue for the city of Victoria, and the performance venue for the Victoria Conservatory of Music. With the simple elegance and amazing sound, you’ll feel like you’re being taken to church at Alix Goolden Performance Hall shows.

The Hall has hosted the likes of Ryan Adams, alt-country rockers Elliott BroodJames Vincent McMorrow, Daniel Lanois, Sarah HarmerRandy BachmanBahamas, The Weather Station, the BC Fiddle Orchestra, Jean Stilwell, and Moshe Hammer. It also has hosted readings by famous authors and activists Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie and David Suzuki.

Fitting up to 800 people (440 on the main floor, 360 in the mezzanine), the Hall maintains an intimate feeling, as all seats in the audience surround the central stage. The performance hall is an elegant round room, with carved wooden pews offering general seating to all. Stained glass windows offer muted, cozy lighting and a sacred atmosphere, with excellent acoustics to boot. Wheelchair-accessible entrances can be found to both washrooms and the concert hall.