Sandy Wexler

Directed by Steven Brill

Release Date: April 14

Starring Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, Carl Weathers, David Spade
Adam Sandler’s multi-million dollar empire of movies where he inexplicably says the phrase “shabadoo” is as popular as ever. He’s been shitting out big-budget, low-stakes comedies at an alarming pace, and the next entry in his Netflix deal sees him return to the early ’90s. Like a dumber version of Woody Allen’s Broadway Danny Rose, Sandler plays Sandy Wexler — a socially awkward talent agent who falls for one of his clients. All of the Sandler regulars are here, from David Spade to Judd Apatow, plus the addition of Pauly Shore. That’s not a selling point for most, but this movie still promises a pleasantly hungover Sunday afternoon watch.