American Gods

Premiering April 30

Starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover, Ian McShane
Adapting Neil Gaiman’s award-winning 2001 novel American Gods has been a challenge since it was published, in part because of its sprawling scope and challenging ideas about the role of faith in American life. It follows Shadow Moon (Whittle), who’s unexpectedly released from prison and is offered a job by Mr. Wednesday (McShane) as a bodyguard. Mr. Wednesday turns out to be the earthly incarnation of Norse god Odin, who is gathering the “old gods” (whose power is waning with the decline in traditional faith) to battle the “new gods,” embodied by media and technology, who are growing stronger. It’s being co-developed by Bryan Fuller (Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Hannibal). (Starz)