The Purge: Election Year

Release date: July 1 Americans have so much pent-up anger that The Purge continues to resonate as a concept, and now takes on politics. In the dystopian, purging future, senator Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a Presidential front-runner on the entirely reasonable platform that the annual Purge — a single day where no laws exist and anyone can do anything they want — should be shut down. After all, 15 years prior, Charlene’s family was murdered during the Purge. Either way, the government does not want to get rid of the sadistic murder holiday, so they attempt to shut Charlene down. It’s a decent enough premise that should breathe life into The Purge’s conceit one last time (though we won’t be surprised to see The Purge: Olympic Village next year). Still, only one question remains — can The Purge: Election Year prove even half as scary as the horror of the real-life election? (Universal)