The Conjuring 2

Release date: June 10 When it comes to creeping the hell out of people, Saw mastermind / action director James Wan does not disappoint. With the second Insidious film already in the books, the Australian filmmaker is turning his attention back to his sinister supernatural horror franchise, The Conjuring. Swapping rural Rhode Island with the London borough of Enfield, The Conjuring 2 finds Lorraine and Ed Warren (Bates Motel mom Vera Farmiga and Fargo star Patrick Wilson) overseas battling poltergeists that are caught terrorizing a single mother and her four children. If the trailer doesn’t send pee trickling down your leg, knowing that the story is based on reported events in the 1970s involving demonic voices, the levitation of children and overturned furniture in a real-life British family’s home certainly will. (Warner)