The Bye Bye Man

Release date: TBA Horror movies are supposed to scare, right? Bit of a stretch to fear a guy called the Bye Bye Man, but here we are. The film follows three Wisconsin college students who move into a creepy, off-campus house where they wind up getting chased down by, you guessed it, the Bye Bye Man. Eventually, they figure out that the creepy dude (Doug Jones) has been connected to a bunch of recent killing sprees. The cast is mostly made up of B-listers, though recognizable names like Carrie-Anne Moss and Faye Dunaway have also signed on for roles. The film was directed by Stacy Title, based on an adapted screenplay from her husband Jonathan Penner. It might be another fun and forgettable horror jaunt, or it might be a secret success that becomes a cult classic. (VVS)