Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Release date: May 24 The original Mirror’s Edge — a first-person parkour game set in strikingly stylized future dystopia Glass, and starring strikingly stylized female star Faith as an information “runner” — was a cult classic. But the 2008 original didn’t quite fulfil the promise of its premise, which is why there’s so much hope for this reboot. It tells Faith’s origin story, opening with her fresh from a two-year prison sentence, and explains her insurgency against the corporate dictatorship of this still stark-white but now less linear world. The rejection of the usual gritty aesthetic and focus on parkour remain the primary differentiators, though they’ve also eliminated guns from Faith’s combat repertoire, which is a refreshing change of pace. And her battle against an elite corporate oligarchy running a surveillance state is also serendipitously timed with the leak of the Panama Papers. (EA DICE / Electronic Arts, PS4, XB1, PC)