Love & Friendship

Release date: May 27 Hyper-literate comedy auteur Whit Stillman is such a match made in heaven for Jane Austen’s heady text, it’s amazing it hasn’t happened before Love & Friendship. Kate Beckinsale stars as Lady Susan, a conniving seductress who’s looking to marry rich after the death of her husband, while maintaining the illicit affair she's having with another woman's man. Her partner in crime is Chloë Sevigny's Alicia Johnson, who helps with her scheming while revelling in all of the hot gossip. Love & Friendship is another delightfully witty Stillman movie with plenty of delightfully naughty discourse. And while it certainly partakes in the heady dialogue and elaborate costumes of your typical period piece, it offers enough belly laughs to stop it from being overly stuffy. (Mongrel)