Release date: April 29 Comedy nerds are well familiar with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele after five seasons of their sketch show Key & Peele. But their mainstream introduction is coming in the form of their feature debut, Keanu. A somewhat unintentional parody of Keanu Reeves’ 2014 absurd neo-noir John Wick (in which a man wages war against a gang of criminals after they steal his car and kill his puppy), Keanu finds the duo trying to save the titular kitten after he’s stolen by a gang of local thugs (lead by Wu-Tang Clan member/stoner comedy legend Method Man). No mere cat craze cash-in, judging by the N-word-heavy trailer (which features a grillz-wearing, cornrow-sporting Will Forte as a low-level drug dealer), Keanu is bound to offer the acute examination of racial stereotypes that hardcore fans adore them for. (Warner)