Release date: May 13 Yes, that Doom. The ’90s revival revs back up with this reboot of the demon-slaughtering first-person shooter that defined gaming’s pre-millennial decade and established the genre’s space marine status quo. The last proper Doom title came out in 2004, and this numberless fourth entry has been gestating since 2008. It’s been stuck in development hell for so long that in the interim, iD was bought by Bethesda and the game’s iconic creator John Carmack left to focus on virtual reality projects. But after being scrapped and restarted with advice by Bethesda’s Fallout rebooters, reaction to a preview at the recent E3 gaming expo was positive. Featuring both single and multiplayer (where you can now be a demon), Doom is taking a shot at its first-person progeny like Black Ops with old-school challenge, limb-rending gore, and, of course, big fucking guns. (iD Software / Bethesda Softworks, Windows, PS4, XB1)