Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Release date: August 23 The long-running cyberpunk saga returns with a followup to 2011’s acclaimed Human Revolution. Set a couple of years later, in 2029 (still a quarter-century before the original), the new game continues the series’ overarching theme of trans-humanism via cybernetic body augmentation. The game promises to be bigger and denser than ever, with player choices having a much larger impact on the narrative, which has always been the heart of a Deus Ex game. Cyborg hero Adam Jensen has left his private security firm to join Interpol’s anti-terror efforts in the wake of the Illuminati-caused “Aug Incident” that made some augmented people crazy violent and has led to a “mechanical apartheid” system. But he’s also trying to take the Illuminati down by aligning with a hacktivist group. In other words, it’s an action-RPG with a lot on its mind. (Eidos Montreal / Square-Enix, Windows, PS4, XB1)