Central Intelligence

Release date: June 17 Central Intelligence is not another cookie-cutter cop movie, it’s a cookie-cutter CIA movie, get it straight. Directed by a man with a fake-sounding name, it takes the unlikely partnership premise to new heights with a sitcom twist. Bob (Dwayne Johnson) was the nerdy fat guy in his high school, and everyone loved to pick on him before he turned into the Rock; Calvin (Kevin Hart) used to be the big man on campus, but now he’s just a dweeby accountant. The two team up to solve a case with the CIA, for some reason. There are a few things that Central Intelligence has going for it: Johnson is one hell of a charming actor, and he’s risen above worse premises to deliver some likeable gold (The Tooth Fairy was pretty good) and it has some former heavy hitters in supporting roles, including The Wire’s Amy Ryan and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. In summary, you and this movie might seem like an unlikely pairing, but if you put your differences aside for just long enough, you’ll be amazed at what you can do together. (Warner)