Yukon Blonde Return with New Song "Get Precious"

Hear the Vancouver outfit's summertime single
Yukon Blonde Return with New Song 'Get Precious'
Yukon Blonde have returned to share their first new material in two years. You can hear summertime single "Get Precious" by following along with the lyric video below.

"Get Precious" was written and recorded using a mobile studio at frontman Jeff Innes's house last summer together with James Younger and Brandon Wolfe Scott.

As Innes recalled in a press release, "We had a plan to just write and record a little, swim, drink beers, y'know summer stuff... Brandon had this demo of a song, it was called 'Love Isn't On Your Mind,' me and James were ribbing him about the lyrics, but the guitar riff was amazing, so we decided to use it."

The trio's process then led the songwriting to become a more collaborative effort. Innes adds, "We were just in this space together creating, having a wonderful time when a conversation struck about relationships came up. As it does. We had all been in toxic situations in the past where we had friends or partners, who seemed to be upset when you're thriving outside of their sphere. Like crabs in a bucket."

He continued: "It was almost revelatory how universal that feeling is- and so we wrote a song from the perspective of somebody in and out of these relationships, somehow simultaneously involved, but not affected by them. In other words, they see you in the bucket, they're just doing something else, and something positive."

Yukon Blonde's last album was 2018's Critical Hit. Earlier this year, Scott released solo EPĀ Burden on Your Shoulders.